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6 No-Fail Ways to Build (and Lead) A Great Team

14 Aug 2017, Posted by admin in Women, Work

by Brenda Della Casa Building a great team is more than simply hiring the right people: you’ve got to make an effort to go beyond managing and motivate. Here are 6 ways to inspire greatness in those who work with you. 1 | Get clear about…


10 Jul 2017, Posted by admin in Women

Is perfection or reality the most helpful inspiration for the next generation of women in business? Very recently I found myself at Cannes Lions (the festival of creativity). There I was, in a queue of incredible women, about to go on stage, to in-part our…

Six Lessons I Learned At Cannes Lions

03 Jul 2017, Posted by admin in Events

There are lots of people are moaning that Cannes this year was a bloated version of the advertising industry today. There may be an element of truth in this. However, it was also hugely inspiring. The discussions and debate at Cannes presented a story of…

How do we make work that works for women?

08 Mar 2017, Posted by admin in Masculinity, Women, Work

Women have made progress in the new millennium. They are running countries, new media monoliths, major banks and even the ultimate bastion of machismo The Met. But when you scratch beneath the surface – or look at the average working women ‘having it all’ you…

Scent of a Dream

07 Mar 2017, Posted by admin in Uncategorized

Congratulations Charlotte Tilbury on the launch of Scent of a Dream… SuperHuman’s first client. Lots of firsts! Scent of a Dream is Charlotte Tilbury’s first fragrance, & SuperHuman’s first client. Kate Moss is the face of Scent of a Dream and stars in the stunning…

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