22 Jan 2018

The SuperHuman Women Series: Renée Elliott, Founder of Planet Organic and Beluga Bean

“Women get so into what they are doing, they forget that they need to be going to the gym, doing yoga, eating well and taking care of themselves. They need to create their life so they are enjoying every minute now. Because now is all we have. It’s living in the moment.”

Renée Elliott, Founder of Planet Organic and Beluga Bean


Hello and welcome to SuperHuman Women, your monthly dose of insight from SuperHuman, the strategic marketing agency that helps brands to connect with women.

Each month we focus on a different female-focused topic. This month is a topic close to my heart – wellness. Looking after your physical, mental or spiritual wellbeing is definitely a priority for women, and as we’ve seen in our research, is particularly important to women over 40.

But this comes at a cost and, for many women, a sense of frustration. This is a generation that finds themselves stretched in every direction, juggling multiple responsibilities including their career and looking after children, their parents and their home life. This can make it incredibly difficult for these women to stay on track with any wellness goals or habits.

Today’s SuperHuman Woman is Renée Elliott, a woman who knows all too well the pressures we face when it comes to our own wellness. Renée has created not one, but two successful business that address the tension between wellness and our real lives – Planet Organic, the first upmarket organic supermarket in the UK and more recently Beluga Bean, an academy offering positive, effective and powerful coaching courses that help women to live a thoughtful, abundant and vibrant lives.

In this Podcast episode, we talk to Renée about her journey to creating two successful brands in the wellness space, how she manages her own wellbeing and what she thinks the future will look like for women and wellness.

You can listen to the episode below, or over on iTunes.



Thank you toRenée Elliott for sharing her story with us.

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