18 Jan 2019


We shortlist the 2019 wellness trends that lifestyle brands need to know.

Financial wellness 

It’s official: Financial stress takes a major toll on our well-being. According to Amanda Clayman, a financial wellness advocate and certified financial therapist, concerns about money can actually send the body into a fight-or-flight response, which only makes things worse. This year both wellness experts and financial brands will start to approach personal financial management from a holistic perspective. 

Conscious spending 

The environmental impact of consumerism is well known and this year it’s time to tackle the thirst for ‘throw away fashion’ with the trend for sustainable brands set to be huge in 2019. For example, 69b Boutique is London’s first store dedicated to a better fashion industry. Savvy shoppers everywhere are resolving to invest in fewer clothes, opting for those that will stand the test of time, offer great ‘cost per wear’ value and reduce waste. 

Plant based everything including meat

2019 will see the plant-based meat market explode, with sales surging 23% in 2018 thanks to sustainability led companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods. The rise of the fake meat is ever increasing with big brands such as McDonalds bringing in their own meat alternative. In a world where nearly 90% of the world’s marine fish stocks are overexploited, there is room to grow in this space – as long as you’re putting out a product that tastes great.

Healthy Wine?

This year your evening glass of red wine can be guilt free too. 2019 will see the rise in natural and organic wine with it set to become the center of the new vineyard-to-table movement. Organic wine is being pitched as not only better for our bodies but for the environment.  New alcohol free brands and NPDs from existing alcohol beverage companies are set to boom in 2019.

Wearable tech

In 2019 wearable tech gets stylish.  We will see beautiful pieces of jewelry that function as both ornaments and tracking devices. Bellabeat Leaf, one of the first wearable pieces of smart jewellery aimed specifically at women now tracks sleep, stress, steps, calorie burn and your menstrual cycle. 

Hormones are everything

With a new wave of startups offering at-home hormone testing, which was once only available at a doctor’s office, consumers can now have direct access to the health clues their hormones are providing. The mobile do it yourself trend means there are less excuses to opt out of checking your hormone health. It is much less intimidating and can be done in the privacy of your own home. 

Vagina’s out and proud

Feminine Hygiene and vaginal health will continue to take over the beauty world in 2019. 

“The entire vaginal care category has become wildly popular.”

– Annie Jackson, co-founder and COO of Credo Beauty

As vaginal-health-focused brands infiltrate beauty shelves, it’s becoming clear that self-care has become about more than the décolletage and up, no matter how you chose to groom.  From grooming to pH-balanced, wipes, cleansers, vaginal microbiome, this previously neglected area is hot.