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Unleashing The Power of The 40 + Consumer

25 Sep 2017, Posted by admin in Interviews

Earlier this month, we were proud to partner with Kate Thorton’s TBSeen and The- Pool to host Why it doesn’t pay to ignore Perennial Women which offered us the opportunity to hear from and speak to some of the biggest brand owners and marketers in the…

What Is The Best Lesson You Learned After 40?

18 Sep 2017, Posted by admin in Interviews

We asked some of the most vibrant and successful women around the globe to share their best life lessons after turning 40. Here they share the advice they would like to give to their younger selves and women who have yet to hit their most…

6 No-Fail Ways to Build (and Lead) A Great Team

14 Aug 2017, Posted by admin in Women, Work

by Brenda Della Casa Building a great team is more than simply hiring the right people: you’ve got to make an effort to go beyond managing and motivate. Here are 6 ways to inspire greatness in those who work with you. 1 | Get clear about…

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