We Are SuperHuman | Female communities are changing the world. How can big brands get involved?
For the women who are changing the face of business and work through entrepreneurship, finding their tribe and like-minded female community is essential. But how can big brands get involved?
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Female communities are changing the world. How can big brands get involved?

20 Nov 2017, Posted by admin in Work

Finding your community and tribe has become the buzzword of recent years. Nothing quite feels like the moment where you find your people. Linked together by a shared interest, pain point or objective, providing a space to express your views, learn and grow. Social media has created a superhighway for this connection and community, and we are reaping the rewards of it today.

For women especially, community and social is incredibly potent. But it’s not a new phenomenon. For millennia, women have been coming together, creating communities to support each other, share and grow. Today’s modern digital world has put the ability to create communities and connect into hyperdrive. This is proving itself to be an incredible tool for empowerment and a force for societal change.

For the women who are changing the face of business and work through entrepreneurship, finding your tribe and community is essential. As we saw in Superhuman’s research, for female entrepreneurs the most important source of information and support comes from communities (and in particular online communities), with 64% saying they rely on these as their first port of call when they have a challenge.


Talented Ladies


One female entrepreneurial community making a huge impact on the lives of women is the Talented Ladies Club. They are on a mission to inspire and empower women, by sharing content, regular tips and resources. One member described it as: “A warm and friendly space full of fabulous female entrepreneurs supporting each other through the ups and downs of business life.”

Set up by Hannah Martin, alongside her then business partner (Katy Fisher), they wanted to create an inspiring resource that would show women that becoming a mother wasn’t the end of their career – it could be the start of an exciting new adventure.

Hannah Martin says:

“When I first became a mum I felt so alone. Suddenly I had to deal with all these extra challenges in my life and work, and my old support network didn’t really understand – or have the right answers or experience to help. In Talented Ladies Club I wanted to build an empowered community of women. We’re no less ambitious now we’re mothers, but we do need to be more creative and resourceful in how we pursue our ambitions; together we really are stronger. Over the past four years I love how this community has grown – and the positive impact it has had on our all our lives. If we ever feel alone or stuck, we know we can call on the collective brains, wisdom and experience of a group of women who know exactly what we’re coping with, and are ready to support us. It’s an incredibly powerful thing.” 


And the proof is in the pudding. Their success is obvious through their actively engaged community who are evangelists for The Talented Ladies Club and the power the entrepreneurial communities they participate in.

As one member Jodie Humphries put it, “In my day job I often felt isolated, even though I was in an office full of people. No one there was trying to set up a business or follow their passion. Being a part of a community both before taking the leap, and after is hugely important for sanity, support and inspiration! I’m also a member of a local group Maidenhead Business Girls and also multiple Facebook groups too. They are the backbone that I need to keep going”


The power of community


For SuperHuman, the power of community sits at the core of our business and our work. Through our Connective (SuperHuman’s collective of community and creative thought leaders across culture, business and media) we connect brands with female communities in a useful, meaningful way.

It’s a win-win for brands and communities alike. For brands, it provides opportunities to build relevance and engagement amongst engaged female communities, gaining insight, creative collaboration and endorsement (ideally all three).

For the Communities, it works well too. By giving brands an active, useful role within that community, they gain access to another like-minded participant who is adding value by providing access to additional resources, or new ways or approaches to solving their shared challenge.



If you would like more information on how you can work with SuperHuman’s Connective, or if you run a female-focused community and would like to would like to be part of SuperHuman’s Connective, please get in touch.


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