13 Dec 2018

Time to Speak Up: Men as Champions of Mental Health

Today ultimate wellbeing is seen as achieving whole-person wellness. It requires a multi-faceted, integrated approach, one that acknowledges the interconnected relationship between the body, the mind and spirit.

Self-care and wellness have been predominantly pioneered and dominated by women who have “created their own alternative healthcare system, a direct response to a mainstream medical establishment that frequently dismisses and dehumanizes them.” Carolee Friedlander, CEO of Access Circles.

The YouGov survey, the largest of its kind, polling more than 2,500 people who have had mental health problems, showed 28% of men admitted that they had not sought medical help, compared with 19% of women.

So, with mental health problems rising amongst men is there more they can be doing to support each other?


It’s important to talk about gender when we talk about mental health. It is more accepted for men to deal with stress, emotions and situations with anger. Anything else is interpreted as vulnerability and shut down.” – Jamie Doward, The Guardian.


With ‘male heroes’ in the media showing no weakness, it is not surprising men opt for the strong and silent approach. Following recent campaign work for health brand Udo’s Choice we met Ben Bidwell, aka The Naked Professor, influencer and life coach, turning the tide for men and their mental health.

With UK men three times as likely to take their own lives than women, and in the Republic of Ireland four times more likely, Ben is on a mission to encourage his followers – men in particular – to become more connected with themselves and look after their mental health as much as they do their physical health.


“I want my audience to remove their masks that hides their true personality and instead to embrace the spirit they have within and the values they stand for, to become their own person, creative and inspired.”


He hopes that by sharing his own challenges and vulnerabilities, he is addressing and exposing the stigma, resulting in healthier and happier men.

Like The Naked Professor, we all need to learn from the revolutionary changes women have brought to the wellness industry. We applaud the male champions facing mental health head on and recognise that when men are encouraged to open up about their emotional challenges, everyone benefits, including women.

To watch the full interview with The Naked Professor click on the video below.



If you want to see more of what The Naked Professor is up to, you can also check out Ben’s new podcast with  presenter, Matt Johnson on iTunes. Aptly named ‘The Naked Professors‘, the podcast aims to strip down the perceptions of mental health and bares all with very special guests. It has kicked off with a bang and a great first episode with Davina McCall.