We Are SuperHuman | Megyn Kelly Doesn’t Get A Pass For Sexism Just Because She’s A Woman
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Megyn Kelly Doesn’t Get A Pass For Sexism Just Because She’s A Woman

02 Oct 2017, Posted by admin in Interviews

By Brenda Della Casa

As you may have heard, this past week, American TV presenter Megyn Kelly stopped an interview with the actress, Jane Fonda, to ask her about her plastic surgery history (and why the actress said that she was “not proud” of it). Jane handled the low-level question like a pro, laughing it off and asking Megyn, “do we really want to talk about this right now?” and made it clear she was there to speak about her new movie, Our Souls At Night, with Robert Redford. Megyn pushed through with a faux “compliment” as every woman who had ever fought through a similar moment cringed.

This was a more than a silly, fluffy morning show gaffe, but a poignant reminder of the sad sexism that continues to permeate society and our media today.

It also highlighted an important detail; sexism isn’t just about men pigeonholing women, it’s frequently perpetuated by those in our own gender pool.

Some viewers were upset at Kelly for pointing out that the actress had gone under-the-knife whilst others gave Kelly a pass because she was “complimenting” Fonda for “looking great”, even with surgery. We were focusing on the fact that a national television host had stopped a woman from speaking about her work to comment on her looks. Had a man done this, he may lose his job, but Kelly got away with a collective slap on the wrist of her Twitter account.

We could ask if Kelly would ask any of the many older men in Hollywood who have paid a visit to a skilled dermatologist this question, but we know the answer, and really, that’s not important. What we do want to ask is when will we, as women, come together and take a stand to love, respect, protect and support one another without selling one another out to get a momentary boost in ratings or self-esteem? The idea that someone like Kelly, a woman who has long fought against the gross sexism of people like Donald Trump would participate in this kind of behaviour shows an amateurish inability to comprehend at best and a dark sided hypocrisy at worst.

We are proud to belong to a tribe where women truly work to support, understand and empower one another. In this network of incredible and inspiring women, we speak up in the face of sexism, regardless of the perpetrator. As Meryl Streep has said, “When people in power use their position to bully, we all lose.”

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