6 Feb 2019

SuperHuman Action Heroes

SuperHuman Have Re Launched Their Podcast With New Action Heroes Series 

Just 18 of ITunes’s top 100 podcasts are hosted by women. Twelve have female co-hosts. 70 are hosted by one or more men. It’s time for women to do the talking.


SuperHuman Action Heroes series aims to inspire, inform and speak about the issues that women face.

It’s the  modern women’s go to for an honest and intelligent approach to dealing with work/life balance, women’s leadership, and how to advance and thrive at work and in our personal lives. The series will include statistical evidence, research and insights carried out by SuperHuman to support the topics explored.

The podcast aims to amplify the voices of those taking action. We will be chatting with leading thinkers, culture changers and industry disrupters. From Nutritionists to Creatives, Entrepreneurs to Self-Love Coaches about the experiences and challenges they believe women face, and how to overcome them.

SuperHuman Action Heroes applies a female lens to the conversation. A fun, intelligent and inspiring podcast for both men and women.

Check out our newest episode below with Katie Phillips, Self Love Coach, Author and Founder of The School of Self Love.

Available for download on iTunes.