11 Sep 2017

Why The Time For The “Why it doesn’t pay to ignore Perennial Women” Event Is Now

The “Why it doesn’t pay to ignore Perennial Women event is right around the corner, and we could not be more thrilled with the response we have had from 40+ women all around the world. We are looking forward to a vibrant, passionate and thought-provoking discussion this Thursday, the 14th September 2017 4-7pm at the Twitter Headquarters in London.

We recently sat down with Rebecca Rhodes, Sandra Peat and Kate Thorton (the women behind this exciting event) to find out more about why they decided the time to start this discussion was now.

Why did you decide to throw this event?

Rebecca: “This event is long overdue. We know there is an incredible group of powerful, energetic 40-plus women out there.  We also know that there is a midlife renaissance at play across film, TV and popular culture, and yet, brands seem afraid to embrace them.  This event has been created so that we can explore and seek to answer this unhealthy paradox.”

Sandra: “I agree with Rebecca. I will also say that community and collaboration are incredibly important to SuperHuman and the way we work.  We wanted to share our insight and knowledge on how to connect with this impressive and fascinating generation of women.  Working with TBSeen and the-Pool, we want to provoke discussion and debate, challenging brands and businesses to think differently about they can connect with this incredibly important, yet underserved audience.”

Kate: “We wanted to put this event on to bring together some of the smartest minds in the business to open up an intelligent and important conversation in the hope of generating a shift in attitude that will bring about change when it comes to the way in which women in their middle youth are spoken to by key brands and retailers. By the same token, as a collective of small business owners who proudly serve up content and deals to this women, we want to try to better understand why there is such fear and reticence from brands and agencies when it comes to positively representing this woman.”  

Why is this audience important to brands?

Sandra: “Women over 40 make a huge contribution to all aspects of life, yet too often they are relegated to the past, held back by outdated stereotypes and an ongoing cultural obsession with youth. The good news is that things are evolving. Generation X is redefining what used to be called “middle age” and what womanhood means today. It is exciting, impressive and aspirational for all of us. These women also make up a lucrative business opportunity that clever, brave brands who understand their potential can capitalise on. By helping them to meeting the needs, wants and desires of these women more effectively, we aim to provide a platform where women can use their voice as not only financial value, but show their potential to benefit culture and society in a significant way.”

Kate: “I agree with that. These women are the power spenders and the key decision makers around purchase decisions, yet she is woefully overlooked and underserved. We want to change that!

Rebecca “Right. They are so important! Not only are they vibrant and affluent,  but they are redefining the future of wellness and aging. From a creative, business and purchasing perspective they are running the world.

Are you a 40+ woman who feels underserved by brands? What would you like brand owners to know?