5 Sep 2018

SuperHuman Insight Series: The Menopause Report

Menopause, time to pause for thought?

Women over 50 have the greatest assets and highest net worth of any group in the UK. They represent a huge opportunity for brands. As part of SuperHuman’s 40+ women Insight Series, we have recently completed a new piece of research into the biggest change impacting 40+ women’s lives.

That is the menopause.

We spoke to 1000 UK women aged 35+ about their attitudes to the menopause.  Stats include the following:

– 54% agree that society sees women as “past it” when they enter the menopause

– 71% of women agree most women suffer in silence with the symptoms of the menopause

More importantly, the research highlighted the missed opportunity for brands to engage this audience:

– 72% say that they have seen very little or no coverage around the menopause in the mainstream media

– 49% agreed that they would like to see the menopause portrayed more positively by brands

– 81% felt that society’s assumptions about middle-aged women do not represent how they live their life

We are currently meeting key brands showing them the full findings of the report and discussing ways we can work together to overcome unique business challenges.

Intrigued? Want to know more? This just touches on the fascinating insights from our survey. If you are a brand that wants to know more about how women REALLY feel about the menopause and how you can make the most of this opportunity, please get in touch today.


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