We Are SuperHuman | SuperHuman Women Series: Meet Jo Elivin, Founding Editor of Glamour Magazine
In this SuperHuman Women podcast, Jo Elvin, Founding Editor of Glamour Magazine, shares her insights into the beauty industry and the perceptions the industry has towards ageing.
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The SuperHuman Women Series: Jo Elvin, Founding Editor of Glamour Magazine

07 Dec 2017, Posted by admin in Interviews

“It would be nice to get to a point where it’s not a remarkable thing to see an older woman in a commercial. I feel optimistic that it is becoming more of a conversation and is something that will break through in the next five years.”

Jo Elvin


Welcome to this month’s SuperHuman Women. Each month we delve into a different female focussed topic, championing women who are challenging stereotypes.

This month, we’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Jo Elvin, Former Editor in Chief of Glamour – Britain’s biggest selling women’s magazine. Jo has had an illustrious career in Journalism, spanning the better part of the last two decades, which has seen her at the forefront of setting the agenda and reflecting the views of UK women.

In this podcast, we talk to Jo about the perceptions of beauty and getting older. Why is it that we still mainly associate beauty with youthfulness? Even in this day and age where older women are finally sharing the spotlight, why is the focus is still on looking young?



Thank you to Jo Elvin for her time in sharing her insights into beauty and ageing with us. You can find out more about our work in disrupting the way brands and society think about women at www.wearesuperhuman.co.uk.


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