We Are SuperHuman | SuperHuman Women Series: Meet Miisa Mink
No one can argue with the fact that Miisa Mink, founder of DrivenWomen is a ‘dooer’. As part of our SuperHuman Women series, we caught up with Miisa to discover what being a DrivenWoman means to her.
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The SuperHumanWomen Series: Miisa Mink, Founder of DrivenWoman

16 Oct 2017, Posted by admin in Interviews

“DrivenWoman doesn’t define herself by profession, title or career success; it’s an attitude to life.”

Miisa Mink


No one can argue with the fact that Miisa Mink is a ‘dooer’. A highly accomplished branding professional, author, blogger and entrepreneur, Miisa founded DrivenWoman in 2013. DrivenWoman is a unique network for women that empowers them to chase their dreams and create the lifestyle they really want. Miisa is a big believer in women stepping outside of their comfort zone and visualising success as more than a pay rise, or step up the career ladder. We recently caught up with Miisa to discover what being a DrivenWoman means to her and why we are what we do, not what we say we do.

You used to work in Branding and now are on a global crusade to empower women around the world. Tell us how DrivenWoman came about.

MM: The DrivenWoman idea was born as a result of my inner need to redefine my values and beliefs. The traditional success definitions did not resonate with me anymore. I wanted to embrace success in much broader terms; living a balanced life and making a positive impact to those around me. I believe this resonates with most women, as we want to incorporate all the areas of our life – family, work and wellbeing – into our success formula. DrivenWoman is now an international, expanding movement and my purpose and passion.

Describe the DrivenWoman to us. Who is she? What is she like?

MM: DrivenWoman doesn’t define herself by profession, title or career success; it’s an attitude to life. She knows everything is not always perfect but she can dream big and change her circumstances, one small step at a time.

She strives for authenticity. Sharing genuine authentic stories is how she can help others, not by trying to appear successful, which creates separation. Every time she shares her experience truthfully, she helps another woman to face her own struggle.

DrivenWoman is defining her own success. She has realised that you can’t live to someone else’s expectations and has stopped expecting someone else to keep motivating her or fixing the world around her. She is deeply committed to finding her own way but knows she will be supported by other DrivenWoman sisters on her journey.

DrivenWoman feels compassion to others and understands that everyone around her is also defining their own kind of success. She has a deep respect for that and equality and diversity is one of her core values. She has learned to accept everyone as her equal regardless of their paycheck or title, and realises that she can now accept herself the way she is.

She is proactive. She doesn’t wait for the solution to a challenge to present itself. She actively goes out to look for answers and keeps stepping outside of her comfort zone, even when it’s scary at times (but she knows she can draw on the collective energy of her DrivenWoman tribe!).

Appreciation starts from a belief that everyone has something unique to bring to the table. She has learned to appreciate her talents and purpose, and doesn’t shy away from sharing them with the world. Women are currently holding the whole world back because we don’t appreciate our own brilliance enough, nor that of our fellow women. DrivenWoman is learning to flourish and her sisters will flourish with her!

DrivenWoman is ready to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. All growth happens outside of our comfort zone, so it’s important to keep challenging ourselves to do things we haven’t done before and try things that might fail. This is sometimes scary and often not easy, and that makes us vulnerable. But in the words of Brene Brown: “You can’t get to courage without walking through vulnerability.”

DrivenWoman is resilient, she has stamina, or she is willing to build it. She knows every time you dare to do something new, if you make a mistake choose to learn from it and move on.  Rather than give up, you build it up. And every time you share this experience with your tribe you help your fellow Driven Woman face a difficult situation.

DrivenWoman is resourcefulness. One of her core beliefs is that you should always do the best you can with the resources you have available today. Many women abandon their dreams simply because their resources (time, money, support, health, energy, confidence…) are not perfect, today.

Being a DrivenWoman is an attitude, a mindset. You become a DrivenWoman when you start taking active steps towards the life you want and believe it’s ok to want a bigger life!

What do you think are the biggest issues standing in the way of women and their goals today?

MM: Most women don’t want to hear this, but it’s the women themselves. Yes, the world has been built by men and it’s is currently hugely unfair. But unfortunately, the men are not going to fix it for us. They built it like this for a reason – it is for them! The sooner women realise this and stop putting up with the demands other people place on them, they can start to build the courage to step into their own power.  Don’t wait for the world to change, you can change your own world.

We are working to disrupt the way brands and even society thinks of the 40+ woman. What are some common misconceptions you have addressed for women over 40?

MM: There’s still a strong myth that you should choose either family or career. DrivenWoman groups are helping many 40+ women to discover a more flexible way to earn a living and do what they love. Women are learning to embrace life as a whole and not simply through the identity of a ‘mother’ once they have kids. This holistic approach is bringing more happiness and balance to many who want to leave corporate careers, which aren’t often flexible or inclusive towards women.

Your workshops are some of the most praised in the industry. What do you think makes them so different from other “support” groups?

MM: Monthly member meetings encourage personal discoveries and ‘aha’ moments towards individual goals. We then put those ideas straight into action, rather than leave women lingering around and giving room for procrastination and fear of failure. Following other women’s stories gives permission to experiment and re-evaluate our own choices and goals. It is a radially supportive approach, based not on inspiration (talk is cheap) but encouraging everyone to take small steps towards big dreams, and knowing there is a great group of like-minded women who will root for you!

What do you believe is the greatest secret to your success?

MM: Women are programmed to believe that we should strive for success alone, but our nature is completely the opposite. At our DrivenWoman groups, women discover the power of collective energy and the support of a sisterly tribe.

How do you feel women can unleash their personal power and get into the driver’s seat?

MM: The key is to stop waiting for someone to do it for them. It’s time women take control of their destiny and start building the kind of lives and businesses that work for them. This doesn’t initially require great vision, big ideas or confidence, but commitment to ending the daily struggle so many accept as a norm. Women are much stronger than they believe and by taking small steps we are slowly changing our situation and moving towards a bigger life, together.

Thank you to Missa Mink for her time in sharing the DrivenWoman story with us. You can find out more about our work in disrupting the way brands and society think of the 40+ woman at www.wearesuperhuman.co.uk.


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