We Are SuperHuman | SuperHuman Women Series: Meet Serena Rees, female entrepreneur
In this SuperHuman Women podcast, Serena Rees, Co-Founder of Agent Provocateur and Founder of Les Girls Les Boys shares her insights as a female entrepreneur.
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The SuperHumanWomen Series: Serena Rees, Co-Founder of Agent Provocateur and Founder of Les Girls Les Boys

06 Nov 2017, Posted by admin in Interviews

“Don’t worry if it doesn’t quite go to plan to begin with. Keep going and keep persevering because you can do it.”

Serena Rees


Welcome to this month’s SuperHuman Women. Each month we delve into a different female focussed topic, championing women who are challenging stereotypes.

This month we’re focusing on women and entrepreneurship, and have been speaking with the successful entrepreneur Serena Rees. Serena Co-founded the global lingerie brand Agent Provocateur when she was just 24 and has recently launched Les Girls Les Boys, the Bed to Street fashion and underwear brand.

In this podcast, Serena talks about her experience of setting up not one but two successful businesses and shares her insights as a female entrepreneur.



Thank you to Serena Rees for her time in sharing her entrepreneurial story and insights with us. You can find out more about our work in disrupting the way brands and society think women at www.wearesuperhuman.co.uk.


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