We Are SuperHuman | Four reasons why wellness is...part of brand engagement DNA
The wellness factor is here to stay and it applies to all brands from finance and automotive to the more intuitive fitness and food industries. Here’s the low down on why wellness is part of brand engagement DNA.
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Four reasons why wellness is…part of brand engagement DNA

17 Jan 2018, Posted by admin in Wellness


With an ageing population of people who are living younger lives for longer, it should be no surprise that health and wellness is now a vital cog in brand consumer engagement. Where only a few years ago brands sought to educate and entertain (and preferably both), many brands now need to ensure they help their customer not only feel but ‘do’ good too. 


The wellness factor is here to stay and it applies to all brands, from finance and automotive to the more intuitive fitness and food industries. Here’s the low down on why wellness should be part of brand engagement DNA:



People are viewing health as a statement of who they are and how they view the world.  Wellness is becoming the new status symbol. Health is wealth, so to speak. This is about a projection of values, not just about our choice of breakfast or fitness achievements. As a status symbol, wellness is as socially powerful as luxury goods. Brands that understand this will benefit.



Advancements such as the mapping of the human genome, connected health delivered via our phones, and more bespoke, patient-centric medicine have fuelled an increase in consumer (and patient) expectations across all areas of health and medicine. As a result, consumers are beginning to expect highly personalised and functional product solutions that enhance their wellness, regardless of whether we are talking about a vitamin supplement or ergonomically fitted car seat.



Health and wellness are as much about mental acuity and resilience as they are about flesh and bones. There is an increasing understanding that body, mind and (for some) spirit are all part of the wellness journey. Brands that understand their audience’s life-stage and associated challenges can support their health goals holistically. Those that engage consumers through wellness hacks like mindfulness and mono-tasking, and leverage cultural trends such as the eponymous Hygge movement, will reap the benefits.



Wellness is no longer yet another thing for busy people to think about. We are at a major cultural watershed and it is becoming an integrated part of people’s lives. The endeavour of health and wellness is now enabled by digital platforms, integrated into the workplace and even includes faith-based exercise.  Smart brands will help people harness their wellness goals. They will demonstrate that they care by providing products, services and personalised experiences that will enhance their consumers’ lives and brand experience seamlessly.


With the wellness factor going nowhere fast, what are you doing to integrate health and wellness into your brand engagement DNA?




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