23 Aug 2018

Adventure and the great outdoors are having a moment with women. Why aren’t brands answering their call?

Adventuring and the great outdoors are having a moment. We know that women are looking for opportunities for more experiences and adventure. In SuperHuman’s recent research into wellness, we discovered that 73% of women agreed that they were looking for more opportunities to discover and explore.

The great outdoors presents us with the perfect opportunity to do this. It’s on our doorstep (literally!), and for many women it is the perfect respite from the connected world we live in. Hiking, climbing, mountain biking, running and trekking allows us to tune in to ourselves and switch off in a way that the gym can never deliver.

Yet, so few brands seemed to have clicked onto this trend. Women in Adventure, recently conducted research to understand more about this phenomenon, and dug into the barriers to entry for women. Money, time, lack of confidence, lack of people to do adventure sports with, and for some lack of skills were all cited as barriers to participation.

What also came up was the problem with women’s kit. Terrible colourways (please – no more hot pink!), and no allowance for boobs, bums and waists make finding decent women’s adventure kit surprisingly difficult.

Finally, there is a dearth of accessible adventure role models. Those women who are “ordinary people doing extraordinary things”, yet could also be considered “normal” in their everyday life. With a lack of role models women are building their own communities to inspire and support each other in their adventure pursuits. Groups like the Adventure Queens share tips and support for women who are adventuring, and inspiration for those who are yet to take their first adventure.

Brands please take note! Each barrier is an opportunity for sports & outdoor brands to build brand engagement by making a difference for women. If you’d like to speak to the experts about how your brand can engage women in adventure, get in touch.