We Are SuperHuman | Getting the balance right: The tension between women’s wellness and their real lives
Women recognise and therefore prioritise wellness, especially as they progress past forty. But it's also a time when they pulled in a million directions resulting in most of their time and energy being focussed on others. But what does this mean for brands?
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Getting the balance right: The tension between women’s wellness and their real lives

08 Jan 2018, Posted by admin in Wellness

Women’s wellness. It’s a topic that’s hard to avoid during the post-Christmas come down. As we drag ourselves back to the gym after a December of indulgence, our social media feeds are full of inspirational quotes, fitness motivation and tips on overcoming the January blues.

Women recognise and therefore prioritise wellness, especially as they progress past forty, recognising that it is the path to longevity. And our ‘Invisible Middle’ SuperHuman research backs this up. We asked our sample of women aged forty and above what their focus was at this point in their lives and they told us that it was keeping healthy (72%), fitness (57%) and doing things that challenge them (55%). Personal fulfilment plays a fundamental role in this too, with nearly 90% agreeing that personal fulfilment is incredibly important to them.


The tension between women’s wellness and real life


This desire to stay fit and healthy is not just for themselves. These women are a ‘sandwich generation’ unique in that, unlike their mothers, they are having children later and working longer but still having to juggle their own busy lives with caring for older family members. Illness is therefore simply not an option.

“I’m a good ten years older than my mother was when she had kids at school.  I’m happy about that, but I’m conscious that I need to be fighting fit.” 
Lisa King age 50, Surrey

Here in lies the tension. While women over forty prioritise their wellness, they are at an age when they are pulled in a million directions. The result? Most of their time and energy is focussed on others, a truth echoed by nearly 90% of our research sample.


What does this mean for brands?


This conflict of priorities between women’s wellness and their real lives presents a huge opportunity for brands to connect with the forty plus woman. Firstly, and most obviously, to capitalise on her appetite for products and services that support her desire for wellness. But, less obvious and there arguably more important for brands that want to stand out, is the opportunity to recognise the constraints she faces. That she doesn’t have enough time to do all of the things she wants (and perhaps needs to) do. And the impact this has on her wellbeing – both mentally and physically. Anything brands can do to facilitate and support her need for time and space is a great way to connect with her and generate engagement, brand advocacy and loyalty.

The other side of the coin, of course, is that too much “New Year, New You” is not just a turn-off, but is also incredibly annoying and leaves women feeling pressurised to change. Instead, brands need to empathise with these women, not give them another (potentially unattainable) goal to worry about. They need to carefully consider their content and tone of voice on social media at this time. This is especially evident on Instagram where women’s voices are loud and clear and a backlash against these types of posts is evident.

So, perhaps it’s less of a case of women needing to turn over a new leaf when it comes to wellness this year, and instead, time for brands to step up and support them in getting the balance right.



If you’d like more information on our ‘Invisible Middle’ research into the forty plus female consumer, or how SuperHuman can support you in better engaging with this powerful group of women through social media, please get in touch.


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